Viggo Mortensen Offered Role In Dracula Movie The Last Voyage Of The Demeter


Viggo Mortensen Offered Role In Dracula Movie The Last Voyage Of The Demeter

The premise behind Demeter sounds so incredibly cool that no matter who they cast, fans should flock. But yes, adding three actors as talented as Rapace, Kingsley and the amazing Mortensen would eleva


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Dracula. Dead And Loving It (1995) – autopsy scene ����‍⚕️

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The Last Voyage of Demeter: Production Status & Key Updates – Premiere Next

The Last Voyage of Demeter: Production Status & Key Updates
In this video, you are going to get all information related to The Last Voyage of Demeter Release Date|| Cast|| Plot and Updates.


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Trailer – Dracula: Last Voyage of the Demeter

When the captain discovers a vampire hiding aboard the ship, he locks it behind a cage and decides to worry about it once they dock in London. But when a series of violent murders begin claiming his crew, the captain faces a race against time to solve the identity of the killer. All the while, locked in a cage below deck is the greatest killer of all – Dracula.

Terrifying, gripping, and an edge of your seat mystery, Dracula: Last Voyage of the Demeter is Silence of the Lambs on the high seas and explores the madness of men in the face of fear.

Opens April 13th at the newly revamped Club Voltaire in North Melbourne.

Session times: 7:30pm
Thursday April 13th,
Friday April 14th,
Saturday April 15th,

Thursday April 20th,
Friday April 21st,
Saturday April 22nd

Dracula: Gregory Caine
Atkins: Robin Darch
Nichols: Matthew Elliott
Jessica: Stephanie Daniel
Gibson: Gabriel Bergmoser
Hopkins: Chris Grant
Elizabeth: Celina Mack

Written by Sean Carney
Directed by Ashley Tardy


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